Little Oaks Day Nursery and Pre-School

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The curriculum includes all the planned and unplanned activities that take place within Little Oaks Day Nursery & Preschool.  Planned activities are focussed on children’s individual interests and development.  

The Early Years Foundation Stage framework is reflected in our practice within an environment which is respectful, kind, and considerate to all those who attend.

Our aim is to

Enable all children to learn and develop all their skills to the best of their ability.

Promote a positive attitude towards learning.

Promote self discovery, exploration and curiosity towards learning.

Promote an ethos of mutual respect and kindliness, and a sense of what is and what is not acceptable codes of behaviour.

Help children to understand the importance of truth and fairness, so that they begin to learn the importance of equal opportunities.

Promote self esteem and confidence in an environment where children are encouraged to try new activities and experiences it is safe to try and achievement  is celebrated.  

To embrace a child’s stage of development not age, with a view to the process of learning not  the end product.