Little Oaks Day Nursery and Pre-School

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Little Oaks Day Nursery and Pre-school 'Yate' was opened in 2016 after extensive restoration work of the building.  The Nursery Owner has always worked with children and had the vision of creating a safe, secure and caring environment where the emphasis is on the child first and the economics second.  

At Little Oaks we pride ourselves on having positive relationships with our parents and we understand that managing childcare can be a real struggle.  It is important that we provide the children with an environment that is vibrant and bright with wide range of educational and fun activities. As a setting we use self-reflection tool kits to support us in our development of learning areas with the aim to work to outstanding levels in care and education. Using regular feedback from parents via surveys and daily chats we are able to tailor activities to meet individual needs and interests.

The aim is to for children to grow and develop to reach their full potential which has been proven in the Kingswood Nursery.

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